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Guide to Most Expensive Grand Prix Ever !! - 2019-04-11

Guide to Most Expensive Grand Prix Ever !!

One of the most expensive Grand Prix, The Monaco Grand Prix is just some days away and will start from the 23rd May to 26th May. This track is one of the difficult and slowest tracks in the Formula 1 world championship. 

So many drivers dream to win over this 3.3 km long track that is one shortest track in the history of the F1. This track has helped earn many racers glory and some lost their lives. This track is a mix of pretty calculated moves and even the slightest error can be deadly. 

This track has been the winning grounds for legends like Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost, Graham Hill, and recent Rico Rosberg. 

The enthusiast who is looking forward to this mythical track should get ready to pay heavy fees. The tickets for Monaco GP are one of the most expensive tickets, the 3-day passes range anywhere from 1000 € to 3450 € and the cheapest pass you find is for children which are at 33 €. 

This track has been one of the iconic track as it has a rich history from Ayrton Senna winning 6 times on this track to Team McLaren winning the titles 15 times and last year the title was won by Daniel Ricciardo with team Red-Bull & Tag Heuer.

The Monaco GP is one of the most anticipated events in the whole world.

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