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Rendez-vous de septembre chauffeur service

Since 1957, Monaco welcomes the major players in the world Reinsurance market also known as the Rendez-vous de septembre. Kingdom Limousines proposes its services to arrange all the airport transfers, car disposal or sightseeing. You can book a limousine with driver for the whole event to lead you to the event, conferences and meetings. Many companies pre book a V class Mercedes as a shuttle to allow your clients or guests to go back and forth to the conference center. Other vehicles are available as the E class Mercedes and the S class Mercedes. If you only prefer booking an airport transfers, this is also doable easily. Our drivers who are fluent in English will driver wherever you want at any time. As this event is quite important, we would rather advise you to take the time to plan your trip and pre book the cars especially if you’re interested in branding the vehicles.

According to your schedule, we advise you to pick a tour or ask some recommendations to the driver to visit the area. Our professional drivers will allow you to avoid the traffic and enjoy the main places and the must to do in Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez…. The driver can also recommend a right restaurant which deserves to be known as “l’école des filles” or Sea Sens.

Considered as an expert in the limousine, tourism and luxury services industry, we’re proud to be able to provide you a selection of sports car and an efficient concierge service. You’ll be delighted by our services and couldn’t get over our limousine service while in Monaco.

For more information, please feel free to inquire by contacting our office at or + 33 (0)4 83 73 61 24.