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Car rental with driver

Kingdom limousines, a rapidly growing car rental with driver has entered the competitive limousine industry with a refined approach. The limousine company proposes a combination of:

  • Chauffeur driven car service
  • Exotic cars,
  • Concierge service,
  • Car storage,

Kingdom limousines is designed for individuals or corporate clients used to hire a luxury limousine service all around the world. As one of the leader in the French Riviera, our chauffeur service continues to grow and expand its footprint. The company provides a car rental with driver from / to any city in the French Riviera: Antibes, Cannes, Monaco, Nice, and Saint-Tropez. For the last ten years, we have supplied our excellence in transportation to the wealthiest people in the world and the biggest multinational. To reach this level of excellence, we’ve insisted a lot on the training and develop a culture of superior service. We’re proud to provide our services to AOL, Linkedin, Estee Lauder, Instagram, GH Mumm, Total, Chanel and the main yacht brokers in the French Riviera. We’re also specialized in the private aviation and corporate events. We can easily handle events hosting more than 1000 guests.

In term of logistic, owning the cars is important but the maintenance is also essential and can’t represent a saving. As a limousine service and owner of its car rental with driver, ease of maintenance is essential to ensure maximum utilization of the cars and make sure our clients travel safely. During the high season, we can’t afford to have cars locked at the garage. We only operate in the French Riviera, on a local basis as we want to stay closer to our clients and ensure customer satisfaction with the highest quality.

In few words, quality goes through the team (managers, dispatchers and chauffeurs), the training, the cars and also the maintenance as mentioned previously. First and foremost, the vehicles must be the latest available and full option, leather, adjustable seats… all these elements provide a luxurious feel and comfort. The fleet is renewed every 3 – 4 years maximum.

Personally, as an owner of the company, having a local successful company with expansions plans, marketing plans bring a lot of joy and also a lot of responsibility. Year after year, the challenge is to keep the clients, get more clients to buy the best cars and attract the elite chauffeurs to keep satisfying our clients. By choosing us, you make the choice of excellence in luxury transportation.

To speak with our staff, call + 33 (0)4 83 73 61 24 or send an email to