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Ground transportation has seen a rise in limo service provider all around the world and France is not an exception. Therefore, it’s not easy for all our partners, clients and future clients to understand our industry: it’s getting necessary to open our office & garage, introduce our team & chauffeurs, tell you more about our background, philosophy and tools.

Kingdom Limousines delivers essential services for all types of clientele, including chauffeur driven service customized to each client’s needs, meet & greet, concierge service, hotel booking, exotic cars, car storage. We are an independently owned limo service company based in Cannes private airport.

Over the last decade, the company has grown significantly in size and reputation: we own the cars, vans and offer around the clock professional Vip limo service.

Kingdom Limousines, with its experienced team, discretion, high caliber of professionalism and its desire to strive for excellence, is the preferred limousine service provider for private aviation and yachting in Cannes, Monaco, Nice & St-Tropez.

Year after year, our staff regularly attends industry events all around the world to ensure that we are meeting the industry’s needs. We are looking to grow business through partnerships with dedicated FBO, yachting broker and by helping them to provide a first class service to their customers. We take great pride in the excellent levels of service we provide to our passengers and partners alike, and believe that customer service is key to our overall growth. It’s also important to check how it works elsewhere, what the clients can expect and do some business intelligence.

There are some luxury cars that provoke a slight sense of excitement when your journey begins. Kingdom Limousines owns :

  • Rolls Royce Ghost
  • Mercedes S class
  • V class
  • E class
  • SUV Range Rover Sport
  • and Vogue.

However, behind the wheels, there is always a chauffeur and this is what makes the difference: almost everybody can get the same cars but chauffeur is a real job which involves skills, training, knowledge of the area and English. The drivers have an added value. Some of them speak Russian, Arabic, German, Italian or Portuguese and are very interested in the history: they’re not certified guide but can easily display some information about the attractions of the French Riviera. They and we consider themselves as a concierge as they’ll be the chosen intermediary of the clients. Customers often ask the driver to book a restaurant, get tickets for a gig, book a table in a nightclub during the Cannes film Festival or any other events. Kingdom Limousines plays an important role in selecting the drivers: our customers demand a bespoke personal service that meet their needs.

Driving into the region requires some local knowledge: know when and where there is traffic, the best shortcut. During the Cannes Lions, Mipim, Cannes Film Festival, Monaco GP or summer, it may be helpful to have a local professional chauffeur to take care of your travels and give you some tips to avoid to be stuck in a predictable traffic. A car with driver is the recommended option for local transport, but make sure the driver is local. During some events such the Cannes Lions, Cannes film festival or Monaco GP, it’s advisable to provide a notice advance notification for catering your needs.

Upon your arrival at the airport, the driver will welcome you at your FBO for the private jets or after the customs exit area for the commercial flights with a sign under your name on it. Once in the car, water bottle, wipes, newspapers are displayed and free of charge: an internet connection is available on request. The drivers listen to you, so they understand exactly what you like, then can craft a trip around your personal preferences, whether it’s getting away from the crowds or finding you a luxury beach villa, so you can relax in style. Kingdom Limousines has been offering bespoke VIP services for its corporate and leisure clients in the French Riviera: it can be an airport transfer or a car service at disposal. You can keep the car with driver as long as you need it.

Behind the scene, there is a team that the passenger will never meet but who is the spinal column: the dispatchers. A

limousine company

has a dispatcher who must be organized, multilingual, multitaskers and have the faculty to keep calm.

Schedulers make an important part of our job: efficiency and reliability are necessary to provide quality and keep the clients. They must monitor the flights; check the drivers, the traffic, the clients who want to keep the chauffeurs in the last minute for their whole stay and re organize the schedule. They usually have a good working knowledge, know the traffic time and can evaluate each trip. Dispatch’s tasks are not easy as they need to consider all the aspects for each traveler: flying by private jet or commercial aircraft is different, warning the clients about our vehicles luggage capacity is also very important as the trunks haven’t got the same size in all the countries. We only work with Mercedes, Range Rover and Rolls Royce while in others countries some corporate clients often use Lincoln or SUV such as Suburban or navigator with a bigger trunk.

Dispatchers need to handle multiple tasks and some of them with a very high priority: some clients call in a last minute, a driver can have a flat tire and sometimes the run flat tire can be not so effective. That’s why, we try as much as we can to increase the backup options: having an extra car available, having a head start with more tires in stock or sometimes just a puncture sealant spray.

Teamwork is the main feature for success. We can say that we have people thinking out of the box, flexible and tactful. One day, we had a client going to the AmfAR party in the Eden Roc hotel Cap d ’Antibes. The client went to the hotel by boat and asks the driver to join him at the hotel directly, however without the invitation card, there is no way to have an access and obviously the client was inside the hotel with the famous pass. The assistant called us and said “no matter what it costs, you must get it”. In the other hand, another client was already inside the party and called us saying “my wife needs to change its earrings and necklace, please stop by my house to pick it up and call me once you’re on site, I’ll ask the security to let you go through. Thus, we manage to give the jewels on time and take the advantage to call the concierge to make the pass ready in order to pick it up in the same time and give it to the chauffeur. We finally manage to kill two birds with one stone. Both clients and assistant were happy and you know what, we charged nothing for that but the clients still trust us since more than 10 years now… probably the best reward for our team.

It can be logical for us but we manage our dispatch ourselves and haven’t tried the outsourcing for these jobs: we don’t use a company for example to handle the night shift as we think using an external provider won’t meet our expectations. We truly think it’s easier to manage the short notice. Obviously, it’s more expensive but the communication between the staff is easier and increases the tailor-made service: our staff has a better understanding and appreciation of each client. Keeping the information inside our building helps to control the quality of our service.

The background is not so much important to work as a dispatcher; however it requires some skills as patience, diplomacy, logic, geographic knowledge and analytical skills. They must speak English and more. We have dispatcher speaking Russian and Arabic for example. It’s also important to give them the tools to work efficiently such as: vehicles tracking, software speeding up the communication. Drivers use an application on their mobile which enable us to know if they’re on their way, if the passengers are on board or if the service is done. Then, we can immediately inform the clients about the costs or extra involved. Needless to say that a paper back-up copy is always available.

By working with Kingdom Limousines, you know there will be excellent cars, drivers, speedy response and a feeling that you are in a safe hands. It’s all about customer service. “Being locally owned and managed, our approach to the service is different”.