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As part of our concierge service, we regularly offer advices on typical towns that perfectly characteristic our region, the different cultural places or even the various possible activities in the Alpes-Maritimes department.


Today, Kingdom Limousines and his chauffeured limousine service available throughout the French Riviera, offers you to discover the "Negarden city". On January 2015, Mougins was ranked as the richest town of the Provence-Alpes-Côte dAzur.


Tourist quests typical Provencal decor, will be delighted to learn that Mougins is not only the dismount of many international or nationally recognized stars, nor simply the place of many billionaires residence.


Mougins is primarily a city of many facets and offers the most surprising discoveries:

• The old village (snail-shaped, moreover, consider taking appropriate footwear) is dotted with galleries, art workshops and small businesses.

• The Church of St Jacques Maggiore, the Notre Dame de Vie, the Saint Barthelme Chapel

• Many ponds and fountains

• Luxury properties in stones.


In terms of accommodation, Mougins is not limited to sumptuous villas of billionaires overlooking locations with stunning views of our beloved Mediterranean, various tourist facilities are offered to you, we are sure you will find your happiness among the following:

• In terms of hotel facilities: Mas Candille Hotel & Spa (5 stars), Mougins hotel(4 stars), the Moulin de Mougins and the Royal Mougins hotel. (We wish to clarify that this selection is purely exhaustive)

• Furnished accommodation, cottages allow you to benefit from a near unprecedented with Provençal life.


But who says discovery, necessarily involves the culinary stage! Our limousine chauffeur agency throughout the French Riviera and concierge service therefore propose the following selection, depending on the targeted types of cuisine:

Gourmet: The Candille, the Clos Saint-Basile, the Paloma, the Moulin de Mougins, Place de Mougins

Traditional: Country Club Cannes Mougins (which provide a real Golf haven), the Amandier, the Entrée des Artistes

Wine Bar: Cave de Mougins


For the record, Mougins has also long been (and still being) the mark of various celebrities, such as: André Villers photographer, fashion designer Christian Dior, the singer Edith Piaf, painters Jean Cocteau and Pablo Picasso, politicians like Napoleon or our beloved current Chairman (Mr. Holland), but also sports such as tennis or football player Henri Leconte, Patrick Viera (1998 champion).


Regarding Mougin’s charm, have no fears, tourism opportunities are also suitable for older as younger! So you can enjoy the Fontmerle pond, the canal of the Siagne or departmental park of Valmasque.

Hoping that our suggestions can enhance the magic of your stay!


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