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Limousine service Cannes

Kingdom Limousines is the leading luxury limousine service for private and corporate clients in the French Riviera: Cannes, Nice, Antibes, Monaco, Saint-Tropez. We lead you to any destinations. Positioned to splendor, Kingdom Limousines is the best company to get a tailor-made service. Clients usually arrive by private jet in Cannes, Nice, Toulon or la Mole. At their arrival, our chauffeurs & limousines are at your disposal to drive you to your yacht or your villa. We’ll let you choosing your car: Mercedes S class 350 – 500 – 600, Mercedes V class luxury, Rolls Royce Ghost, Phantom, Bentley…

Private aviation:

Headquartered in Cannes private airport, Kingdom Limousines is positioned among the best limousine service for private jets. Traveling by private jet means luxury. We operate from all the private airport: Nice, Cannes Mandelieu, Toulon, La Mole. We also have the possibility to provide an efficient chauffeur service from others cities. Should you be looking for a chauffeur company with a high level service, our limousine service Cannes airport, Nice airport and more will go over your expectations: transfers or car disposal. Our limousine service based in Cannes airport will fill you with happiness.


Artisan of luxury, Kingdom Limousines’ perception matches with the luxury Hotel. Our chauffeurs & limousines are our ambassadors with the clients: they’ll fulfil your needs and suggest some tours, restaurants or activities. Limousine service from Cannes airport, Nice airport and or any destination.

  • English speaking chauffeur,
  • Latest models available on the marketplace,
  • Water bottle, wipes and newspapers are on the vehicles,
  • Service available 24/7,

Yachting :

You can go wherever you want by yacht: Antibes, Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez. From Cannes airport, our limousine service often matches with the yachting: indeed both fields have almost the same clients who want to use our chauffeur for a shopping day-out or to go to a restaurant. The drivers are in touch with the crew and will make your stay enjoyable. It’s important to inquire about the limousine service: years in the business, numbers of vehicles, chauffeurs, office,…


French Riviera has attracted so many tourists since the past years: Russian, British, Germans, Americans… Most of them are the wealthiest in the world; they all have their private villa. Thus, they need a car with driver in their trips:

  • Airport transfers,
  • Car disposal,
  • Tours,

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