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Nice airport transfer

The private aviation embodies the supremacy on the transportation field. Enjoy the pleasure to get wherever you want, at any time enable you to save your valued time. By its network and partners, Kingdom Limousines is able to put you in touch with the most effective and reactive private aviation companies. Upon you arrival at the airport, we’ll provide a car disposal or a Nice airport transfer to Cannes or Monaco. Our limousine service is compatible with the luxury requirements: Mercedes S class, Mercedes V class, Rolls Royce, Bentley.

Nice airport transfer is the base of the travelers’ majority as they normally arrive by plane. Nice is outfitted by a new private terminal and Cannes private airport is the 2nd private airport in France. Both are very modern and enable the passengers to travel on luxury from the moment they leave their home to their arrival in their hotel or Yacht. Once booking a Nice airport transfer, our service starts from your arrival and can last until your departure, according to your needs.

Our chauffeur company aims at extending our travel conditions passengers: it results a high standard car with driver, last model, fully equipped and a high level selection of drivers. We insist on the fact that the passengers shouldn’t notice any difference during the steps of their journey (aircraft, yacht, Nice airport transfer).

Renowned for its superior service, our company has won the most reputable companies around the world (Geneva, London, Moscow, Berlin, New-York..) Our location is a great advantage to fulfil all the private aviation requirements.

Our team hardly works for making your life easier and maintain your business or holiday quality trip. Available at any time, we would be pleased to assist you during your travel: - + 33 (0)4 83 73 61 24