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Why hiring a chauffeur driven car service as Kingdom Limousines ?

I would advise to any client, personal assistant, Travel or Event manager… to make sure that the limousine service they are hiring or going to hire is based in the area. Some companies are based in Paris, Marseille or elsewhere and provide their services in the South of France through an independent operator: it’s an option when you don’t know anyone in the area and trust your main contact covering the whole country. However, multiplying the intermediaries can get an impact on the costs. By the way, Internet doesn’t help so much as you can find so many companies that it can just increase the difficulties to pick the good one.

Kingdom Limousines is physically based in Cannes Airport and also listed on their website as a partner for the limousines. We are the premier and only car service with an office in this private airport, you or any client can have a direct access to our office, meet our team, drivers and cars which are all parked front of our office in a 200 m² shed.

Should you check the company through internet, the pictures displayed on the website gives you a quick overview (does it look like real pictures that you can’t find in any other website?) if the company owns any car. Then, the office number is an interesting clue, it will confirm if you’re dealing with a limousine company or an independent driver working with its mobile. What worse that having a chauffeur always on the phone while driving?

Working with a company gives you more guarantee, confidence and satisfaction. A vehicle can break down, be damaged or the Air conditioning can have some problems: during the summer you can’t fix this with a clack of your fingers but you can make sure that the

limousine company

you are hiring is able to provide a spare vehicle in a short notice. A limousine company has a dispatcher who gives the instructions to the drivers.

Our proximity, reactivity, fleet and drivers policy is a part of our success. From our office, the drivers only need about twenty minutes to reach Nice airport. Basically, the majority of our clients land in Nice airport, whether it is at the general aviation or through a commercial flight, I confirm this is our main pick up location for tourists or corporate traveler. Our chauffeur driven car service covers the French Riviera from Cannes, Nice, Antibes, Monaco and also Saint-Tropez. This area is associated with the highest levels of luxury. There are so many events such as the Cannes Film Festival, Monaco GP, AmFar party, St-Tropez Auction Gala for Leonardo Di Caprio and all the outstanding weddings organized every year. The chauffeurs are pleased to welcome you in our amazing luxury cars and make you discovering the highlights of the French Riviera: the drivers will definitely help you to have a memorable experience.

Kingdom Limousines provides any airport transfer from / to any city in the French Riviera, tours, car disposal, logistic transportation for any corporate needs, branding vehicles, short and long term chauffeur driven car service. Today we’re specialized in the private aviation, Yachting, large-scale events: Kingdom Limousines has been set up to handle the needs of High Net worth Individuals in the French Riviera.