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Your one stop guide to Monaco !!! - 2019-08-26

Your one stop guide to Monaco !!!

Here is the insight into the adventures Monaco has to provide this season, we will give you an insight to best hotels, restaurants and other fun and leisure activities. 

Monaco is known as the paradise of the Riches, its one of the best place to be if you want to live the rich life and you have money to splurge. Our guide will give you the best places to be in Monaco.

These are some of the most exclusive hotels to stay in while you are enjoying Monaco.

Hotels (Luxury Options)

Hôtel de Paris, Monte Carlo

Hotel Metropole, Monte Carlo

Hôtel Hermitage, Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort

Fairmount Monte Carlo


Not everyone is looking for luxury options and some tourists want to save money on hotels so that they can invest in some other fun activities. Here’s a list of affordable options of hotels in Monaco.

Hotels (Budget Options)

Hotel Abassador Monaco

Columbus Monte Carlo

Hotel Novotel, Monte carlo

Le Meridien Beach Plaza


After relaxing you are looking for someplace to eat and you have a choice from Michelin stars to nice local foods Monaco has to provide.

Restaurant (Michelin Star)

Song Qi

Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse

La Marée Monaco

Brasserie Restaurant

Le Grill De L’Hotel De Paris


Heres a list budget-friendly restaurant options in Monaco

Restaurants (Budget)

Maison des Pates

V.I.P Very Italian Pizza

Il Fornaio

Son of Bun

Sexy Tacos


Now that you are done with food, you now need to travel around and explore the amazing beauty and adventure’s Monaco has to provide

Monaco is small but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have hot spots to see.

You can do a tour the Palais Du Prince, it the palace where the Prince and the Princess resident currently. The palace sits above Monaco and it has been there since the 13th century. You can visit the palace but only if the prince is not in the residence and to check that you just need to look for the flag on the tower.

If it's raised then the prince is in the residence and if it's not raised then the prince isn’t in the residence.


Monte Carlo is the biggest attraction in Monaco, it’s the home to many casinos and hotels. It the place where you can see the elites of the society showing off their million-dollar cars.

The Casino de Monte Carlo is one of the famous casinos in the world. It is full of stunning artwork and one of the most amazing chandeliers. They have different gaming rooms with different themes so you can enjoy high adrenaline gambling and roulette.

Musée Oceanographique

If you fancy museums you can go to Musée Oceanographique, its 90m above sea level and it was opened in 1910. This museum is dedicated to marine artifacts and oceanography and it has more than 6,000 marine creatures. They have reconstructed around 100 pools that mimic marine life's natural habitat.

Then you can go and walk around the Jardin Exotique which is located in Fontvielle. This garden is full of the beautiful scenery around and an amazing view of the ocean. This garden also features a mix of African and Latin American species that grow in warm weather. You will be able to explore around 7,000 species of plants and can also check out the Observatory Cave.

You can also wander in Les Jardins Saint-Martin while you look over the Mediterranean sea. This place is best known for the memorial statue of Prince Albert I.


You can entertain yourself by going to the Opera de Monte Carlo, it is located in the iconic Place de Casino. The opera has the main performance stage with a red and gold theme. You can catch a musical performance as they post the artist on their website.

You can also visit the harbors Monaco has to provide, you can always spot something new and bigger every time. They also have a naval museum which has over 250 models of ships, it also has some models of US warships and also has a model of Titanic.


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