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The melody of MIDEM - 2019-06-04

The melody of MIDEM

Midem is an International event platform for the global music community and everything around it. Launched in 1967, they have been focusing on helping the music industry and the partners to advance and expand their creativity and business by bringing a different area of the music industry together in these 4 days. 

The event is taking place in Palais des Festivals in Cannes with the best view money can buy. You will be indulged in a proper music ecosystem with different artists, labels, distributors and etc. 

This event is a mix of so many aspects like networking at every scale in which you get to meet the major key player in the music market and the high potential regions. This will help many artist and other organizations to meet international companies as well as the local partners from more than 80 countries.

You will also get access to a variety of artists from different genre and you can attend the wide arrays of workshops, panels and help artists to evolve and promote their music. 

There are conferences to help budding artists and business to shape their future in the industry by providing them with new ideas and solutions from legal, business and creative field.

They will also focus on innovation in music by providing the young artists and communities with proper guidance to help them strengthen their fields by connecting with influential companies, recognize investors and creative entrepreneurs. This will help in raising the profile of the different artist and also help them obtain recognition in the industry and around the world.

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